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Simple and trusted home management and maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to start using Onit's services?

We'll meet with you at your house for an initial, no obligation consultation to discuss your needs.  After this meeting, we will give you a proposal for services detailing timing and estimated cost for services.  If you would like to proceed,  you pick the services you would like us to handle.  There is a simple client services agreement for both of us to review and sign, and then we are Onit!  We want to be as open, upfront and flexible as possible.  Our main value added proposition to you is simplification of life.  We believe this has to start at the beginning of the process and carry through to everything we do for you.

Am I required to sign a long term contract with Onit?

N​o. there are no fixed contracts.  We are all about building long term relationships, and want our relationship with you to last for many years.  We believe our service speaks for itself and will keep you "Onit" without the need to bind you up with unnecessary paperwork.  

How much will it cost to use Onit?

Every home and everyone's needs are different, so it's difficult to give a "one size fits all" pricing.  We are flexible and work with you to form the right plan to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of plan options - a full-service plan where you pay a set monthly management fee for us to handle everything throughout the year, seasonal plans where you pay monthly management fees for only the months you need our help, and fee-for-service plans when your needs are more limited or vary from month to month.   

How do I add or change services provided by Onit as time goes on?

Adding or changing services is as easy as a phone call, email or text.  We are always willing to do what it takes to make things as easy as possible for you.

How do you choose which vendors to use?

Our vendors are critical partners to the successful delivery of our mission.  We choose them carefully.  We can speak firsthand toward the quality of most of our vendors, as we have used them personally.  Those that we haven't used ourselves are referrals from people we trust.  We have taken considerable time to get to know them, check references, and inspect their past work whenever possible.  We prefer to work with small, locally owned vendors who are directly accountable for their work, take pride in their quality, and deliver a high level of service.