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Simple and trusted home management and maintenance

Simple and Trusted Home Management and Maintenance

Your home is a special place.  But managing and maintaining it can be stressful.  Busy schedules, seasonal travel or physical limitations only add to the challenge.  When you need help, it's hard to know who to trust.  That's where Onit comes in.  Our mission is to make living in your home as simple and stress free as possible.  We bring peace of mind and save you time.  From routine weekly tasks, like mowing and housekeeping, to unexpected projects and repairs - we'll be Onit for you!
We deliver flexible, individually-tailored solutions to  meet the needs of each client.  You pick the services you need, and we arrange the work for you with our network of trusted service providers.  You receive just one invoice each month, detailing all the work done at your home.  You make one payment, directly to Onit.  Adding or changing services is simple and hassle free.  And there is no long-term contract.  We are confident that you'll be happy with our services and stay Onit!
We created Onit for:
  • Seniors wanting to maintain independence in their home
  • Snowbirds and seasonal travelers
  • Busy professionals
  • Anyone looking to simplify life in their home
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